Cleveland Rocks!

Please excuse this post for not relating to airlines or airports – but it is all about travel!

Taking a trip can be expensive, but getting away for a night doesn’t have to be.

The city of Cleveland has a lot to offer including sports, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a new casino.

Thursday, my boyfriend and I went to Cleveland for the night. I am going to let you in on what we did, and the experiences we had.


We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. The Hilton is located downtown right on Carnegie Ave. You can see Progressive Field from the windows of the hotel.

I booked the hotel in November, so I got it for a bit of a discount. I also booked it through Expedia to save money.

Upon arrival, the staff was really friendly and very helpful. The room was nice, clean and comfortable. I would definitely stay here again.

Where? Hilton Garden Inn, Cleveland

How much? $130 a night

Overall rating? 4.5 stars out of 5


For dinner, we wanted to go somewhere close and easy. We ended up at City Tap, which is only about 4 blocks from the hotel. City Tap is known for having more than 40 beers on tap. One of my favorite things about the taps is that a lot of the beers are from local breweries.

BJs Nutty Brewnette. This is the first time I ever had this beer. It’s American brown ale. It has a little bit of a nutty flavor and it’s very good.

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter. I have had this beer before, but on Thursday it was not my beverage. It’s a porter, so it’s a little darker than I like, but it’s good. This beer comes from the Willoughby Brewing Company in Willoughby, Ohio.

For dinner I had the French dip and my boyfriend had the Lake Erie Monster. My French dip was good, but not the best French dip I’ve had. My boyfriend said the Lake Erie Monster was really good. Every meal comes with French fries, and the fries were my favorite part of the meal.

The service was really good, it was so good that we went back later in the evening.

After eating we had to head over to Quicken Loans Arena, because we had tickets to the Lake Erie Monster’s Hockey game.

Prices for the food are below $10. I had two beers, my boyfriend had three and we each had a meal for just under $40, which is pretty reasonable.

What? Food and drinks

How much? Less than $40 for 5 beers and two meals

Overall rating? 4 out of 5


Hockey Game

I really enjoy hockey and although the Monsters a part of the AHL and not the NHL, it’s nice to have a team so close to home.

The Monsters played the Charlotte Checkers. It was a really good game, although it was slow at times. There were less than 10 penalties the whole game. At the end of the 3 periods, the score was 1 to 1 and the game went in to overtime.

The Monster’s pulled it out in the end: 2-1!

Tickets range from less than $20 a ticket to more than $60 a ticket. Tickets at Center Ice, on the glass, are the most expensive tickets. We usually sit on the ends, a row or two up to save some money.

Also, Thursday nights are thirsty Thursdays at the games; $2 drafts and $5 margaritas. If you plan on drinking, you can save yourself some money by attending Thursday games. Check the Monster’s schedule for other promotions and giveaways.

The game ended around 9:30 p.m. so we wanted to do some more exploring. What better place to go than Horeshoe Casino Cleveland.

What? Lake Erie Monsters hockey game

How much? Ticket prices range. I got two tickets for less than $50 and we were only four rows back from the glass.

Overall rating? 5 stars out of 5

Horeshoe Casino Cleveland

Horseshoe Casino opened in May 2012 and has brought a lot of people and money into the city of Cleveland. We decided to check it out.

The first floor has a bar, a few slot machines and a lot of tables. The tables are for roulette, blackjack and other games. The second floor is mostly all slot machines, but there are some tables.

We didn’t stay long. Neither one of us was overly impressed and we didn’t go prepared with a ton of cash.

What? Horeshoe Casino Cleveland

How much? You can spend as little, or as much as you want. We stayed for about an hour and spent $15 on the slot machines.

Overall rating? 3 stars out of 5

Back to City Tap…

Once we left the casino, we went back to City Tap. My boyfriend continued to drink PB cup coffee porter, but I switched over to cocktails. The bartenders were not cheap on the amount of alcohol they poured into your drink.

We were asked if we wanted to play ring toss. Bartenders and customers were making “rings” by putting two straws together. Customers, who wanted to play, then tossed the “ring” on to the shelves of alcohol. Whichever bottle you landed on, you had to do a shot of that alcohol.

We also ordered more food. At night, the menu changes a little bit and so we got two appetizers: deep fried pickles and buffalo chicken dip. The deep fried pickles, tasted a little spicy to me, but still good. The buffalo chicken dip was AMAZING! I would definitely go back to City Tap and order the buffalo chicken dip again. If you go to City Tap, you MUST try it!

Then, we walked back to the hotel and returned to the room about 1:30 a.m. We crashed for the night. It was such a fun evening and we were exhausted.

On Friday we were ready to get out of the city, but first we drove around for a few minutes. We drove around Brown’s Stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We didn’t go in, but we drove around to check it out and I did stop to take pictures.

We then headed home. We could have gone to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Brown’s Teamshop, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium or the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, but we were exhausted.

Overall it was a great evening, and I can’t wait until summer so we can hit up an Indian’s game and explore the city more!

Has anyone else been to City Tap, the casino or the Hilton Garden Inn? Share your experiences.


2012 Comes to an End…

2012 is coming to an end, but a lot is happening in the airline/airport industry. Here’s some of what you may have missed in the past week:

  • Akron-Canton Airport does it! A record number of passengers flew through CAK in the first 11 months of the year:close to 1.7 million, yes MILLION, customers! Keep it up CAK! Here’s to 2013.
  • Delta Airlines is bundling services. There are two packages: “Lift” package, which is $34 and includes priority boarding and 1,000 frequent flyer miles, and the “Ascend” package for $19 which includes priority boarding and a 24-hour Wi-Fi pass.
  • An Allegiant Air flight had to make an emergency landing Saturday after leaving South Bend, Ind. Passengers and crew were safely evacuated when the plane landed at a nearby airport. The good news: The flight landed in Punta Gorda, FL, the intended destination, at 4 a.m.
  • Delta is looking to hire 400 flight attendants. The airline wants to focus on the overseas flights and is looking for multi-lingual flight attendants for Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and Hindi. Think you have what it takes?

Here’s to the airlines and airports and wishing them the best of luck in 2013.

Happy New Year to all my readers, too!

Winter travel

Last week flights were cancelled and delayed due to winter weather conditions. Time to get used to it northeast Ohio. Another winter blast is headed this way for Wednesday and Thursday. United Airlines has already starting canceling flights for Wednesday. If you’re flying home or traveling for late holiday celebrations, check with your airline first! And everyone planning to spend your gift cards and return grandma’s gifts, stay safe: the mall will still be there next week.


The Mayans were wrong and 2013 is on its way. To celebrate, Frontier Airlines is offering $20.13 off, each way, if you book by Christmas Eve! And you have to travel by Valentine’s Day. Reward yourself with a vacation and thank the Mayans for being wrong!
Get traveling before the deals expire!

Tips for holiday travel

A lot of people will be traveling during the holiday season and airports will be busy! Here are some helpful tips for your traveling.

Here are some important items to put in your carry-on – in case your luggage gets lost!

What to pack in your carry-on:

  • Snacks: The small bag of airline snacks isn’t sufficient for most people. It’s also a way to save money if you have a layover. Just remember, fluids more than 3 oz. won’t make it through security.
  • Immune system booster: Germs are in season. In a confined space for hours, those germs will do nothing but spread. Keep something such as Airborne on hand and stay healthy.
  • Painkillers: For headaches and backaches. Never know when you might need some.
  • Eye drops: The air on a plane can be very dry. Keeping your eyes moisturized will help.
  • Extra clothing: In case your luggage gets lost, you need a change of clothing. Pack underwear and socks, most importantly. You can also bring an extra shirt or PJs to sleep in. Think about taking a toothbrush too so you can have a change of clothes and clean teeth!
  • Check with TSA: to see what you can and cannot take through security.

Airports are expecting to be busy and flights are expected to be full on Thanksgiving. And that will continue through the holiday season. Make sure you are prepared.

  • Arrive early: Lines at security and at ticketing will be long. Prepare for the lines and make sure you make it to the gate on time.
  • Leave your house/hotel early: With airports being busy parking may be limited and if you are parking, you need time to find a spot. Also, with the holiday season – means winter weather. Prepare for holiday traffic and winter weather.
  • Plan Accordingly: Know who is taking you to the airport and who is picking you up. If you need a rental car, schedule to pick it up now; those items will be limited. Make sure you have time to get to the gate so that the plane can depart without wasting time.
  • Check on your flights: Keep tabs on your flight. If the flight is delayed, you will have more time to prepare. Know when you need to leave for the airport.

Most of all: be careful and have fun. Enjoy the time off work and the quality time with family.

Way to go, better way to go!

 Eighteen months in a row!! 

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) had another record-breaking month. It was busiest September in history with 153,314 passengers in/out of CAK. Passenger traffic was up on all airlines at CAK.

“Customers love low fares and a great airport experience; and nobody can deliver that combination like Akron-Canton Airport,” said Rick McQueen, president and CEO. “We don’t take our growth for granted though. Each new customer is a gift and we’ll keep working hard to ensure a great experience every time they fly CAK.”

Passenger traffic was up on all airlines serving the airport.

Akron-Canton Airport has been ranked the 11th most affordable airport in the U.S. and the cheapest in the state of Ohio.


Akron-Canton Airport, a better way to go®.

Update on Northeast Airports

Hurricane Sandy shut down airport service in many major cities including New York and Cleveland.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has made announcements regarding the opening and remaining closures of airports effected by the SuperStorm.

So what’s the news?

  • John F. Kennedy Airport was scheduled to open today at 7 a.m. with limited service available.
  • Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has also opened, also with limited service. Due to a power outage, all rental car facilities except for Avis will remain closed.
  • Teterboro Airport is closed.
  • LaGuardia Airport remains closed.